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What is an SSL Certificate and Why You Need One


An SSL Certificate encrypts the traffic between a browser and a server. That way any data passed across the internet can’t be viewed by potential hackers.

This is extremely important for sites that process credit cards. In fact, it’s mandatory to have an SSL certificate in order to accept any sensitive information, like credit card information, on your site.

How can you tell if your site is secure?

On most browsers, you should see a green lock with the word Secure next to it. You should also see a green https in front of your domain name.

It should look something like this:



As Internet users become more protective of their information, websites will need to be secure. It won’t matter if you’re accepting credit cards or not, you’ll need to have a secure site. Otherwise, people will simply stop coming to your site.

It used to be extremely expensive and tedious to get an SSL certificate installed and configured properly.

Most hosting companies still charge anywhere from $70/yr – $300/yr to secure your site.

Truhost automatically configures and installs SSL Certificates for you, free of charge. We believe in a safer, more secure Internet.

When it comes to choosing a hosting company, this should be the first thing you look for.

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